SWA  logo Target Market Analysis

Designed to assist business owners in researching their specific markets.
Level One TMA - We've designed our Level One TMA as a base knowledge report for you company. This report can then be expanded annually to include more data, new technologies and the latest information pertaining to your company and market trends.$299
Updated TMA - We suggest an annual update to include new technologies, industry reports and trends. We include data concerning the outcome of past marketing projects and how they affected your company. This information alone can be invaluable in decision making for new marketing projects. Starts at $199


Telemarketing Campaigns

We create telemarketing campaigns specific to your company or your product. These can be designed as surveys, sales calls, or sponsorship/charity programs. The duration and fees for such programs will be dependent on your particular telemarketing needs. Campaign design writing starts at $299


Sales Campaigns

Want to create a sales campaign for a certain product or service, for a seasonal or holiday themed promotion, or for a mass market approach? There are many different options as far as how to get the word out and focus on making the sale. Call today and let's talk about how SWA can help you write a campaign that gets results. Sales campaign writing starting at $299