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Susan Widmer, president of SWA, majored in marketing and received her BBA from the University of Houston - Clear Lake.

"I've always been in marketing in some aspect or another since, oh, at least the age of 5, when I created my own little Barbies® and accessories 'trader's village'. I didn't know it then but I was well on my way to a career in marketing!"

After spending time in the trenches - outside sales, insides sales, commission only sales, PR, telemarketing, market research, promotions, event planning, event staffing, press writing, design and development for hard copy, design and development for web sites, and the ever popular, get-me-through-college - BARTENDER!, Susan had an epiphany. Whilst driving down FM 2004, the thought occurred, intermingled with 'career-going-nowhere?' frustration - "Why not do it yourself?" It was as if a light bulb had just turned on - literally!! Indeed! Why not? So, that is what she did. It has been nearly four years since Stephen Wesley Agency opened it's doors and amidst the ups, downs, twists, and unknowns of starting a business, there has been endless joy, rewards and excitement.

We are looking forward to many years of ongoing education, expansion and unsurpassed service to our clients, community and friends.


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