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Agency representation is based on a 12 month projection that includes advertising, sales, PR, and internet. We look at budget, company specific promotions, ad pricing/placement, internet exposure and community involvement. A SWOT analysis of you and your industry can help us determine the best options for your company for the year.
We then determine when and where to put advertising and how to distribute promotional media. We look at types of event planning you may want to sponsor or be involved in and how we can organize and promote those events for your company. We will make you aware of any occasion we can write to the media about your company via press release, human interest story or community involvement issues. And, most importantly, we attend to your internet exposure in whatever aspect necessary.
Our representation fees are based on your specific needs. Call for our FREE 1 hour consult! (832) 720-1299


In terms of budget...

SWA takes pride in, and makes every effort to, control your marketing budget. We are involved in not just our local communities but our online communities as well. We put much time, consideration and research into relationship-building through local networking groups and online forums. Please visit the links at the right for individual companies and networks that we not only highly recommend but use ourselves.


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