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For many publications, we need a minimum of 2 weeks notice. If we have a month, much better. We need the 5 W’s- Who, What, When, Where, Why and any other pertinent information – Ex. – web site address, price for event or product, celebrity guest, or images if any
Your price includes professional writing of your press release, submission to 3 publications dependent on their deadlines via FAX, email, snail mail & sometimes phone. (Long distance FAX charges & extra publications submission will apply) We also submit to the publications’ online counterpart. Often this online placement is quite successful by:

1.) getting your press release published online and
2.) viewers finding it via keyword search.

Your online press release can many times be found through an internet search query and leaves an historical tag for your project as well. All online submissions include a web site address for your project and in essence give an incoming link to your site, thereby helping your SEO.
These submissions are NOT GUARANTEED to be published as they are not paid advertising. Press releases are placed in open spots available in the publication based on proper submission & writing technique, newsworthiness, timeliness, functionality and relationship.
SWA strives for absolute punctuality and strict grammar technique. We follow guidelines and standards set by the industry and make every effort to build strong business relationships with our local reporters, editors and press agents.